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Eva Twinnin - NFT - 60cm x 80cm Oak framed, Cream Mount

Eva Twinnin - NFT - 60cm x 80cm Oak framed, Cream Mount



printed on Giclée Photo Rag paper


Framed £295 60 x 80 / Unframed £135 / Unframed 30 x 40 £85


Our fine art Giclee printing service produces color-perfect Giclee prints using pro-grade technology. All prints are made on the most popular fine art Giclee paper, the Hahnemühle Photorag . With a super matt finish, the paper allows for muted blacks, excellent detail and an even color reproduction. With its chalky smooth cotton base, texture is minimal which creates brilliant color gradients.


We  use sustainably sourced high quality materials and solid woods in our hand-made picture frame range. These combine with our selection from a wide range of mouldings from traditional oak to contemporary shadow box and tray frames. Additionally we offer as appropriate, mats and anti-reflective glass to create the perfect wall-art from your prints.


Finally depending on the frame type we offer different hanging hardware. This range from D-rings and cord, mirror plates or strap hangers.


Please email to confirm delivery, and receive edition certification.



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