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The story of Edouard Manet's Olympia begins with the Paris Salon in 1865 when it was considered scandalous. The creation of this NFT is intended to further exploit the subject.



* NFT-s in limited edition are purchased from   OpenSea > 

- to go there follow this link, or on preceding collection page

* full service prints quotation also via foto-creatif artshop Gallery

Olympia aka-NFT

  • High Res 300dpi .jpg 1750 × 2472 approx

    Image file available for down loading on receipt of payment - edition numbered x/100 eg 1/00  with certification document by artist - image resolution can be increased on request

  • OWN the same EDITION as NFT

    SPECIAL OFFER - NFT at 50% of asking price:


    This image has been minted on the ethereum blockchain, as a reward for purchasing an EDITION PRINT, a bid of 50% of the asking price will be accepted if YOU purchase the NFT on OpenSea within the next 7 days, therby you will own the same numbered edition as both print image AND NFT of that image. (eg x/100).

  • Print cost depends on size and finish

    Go to PRINT SHOP pages to choose your preferred size and medium, and you wil get a firm quotation from which to place your order

    - we will match image to nearest smaller size where appropriate. 

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