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FAQ and Info

Edition NFT-s 'n.Art Gallery offers a perfect place to explore and from which to begin to collect the remarkable artworks of Roger Davies 

- the idea is to demonstrate some of the works in each collection in print format, whilst pointing to the complete NFT collection which may be viewed  on OpenSea 

Image by Shubham Dhage


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Each artwork shown has a link to take you to OpenSea and the complete collection where the relevant NFT may be purchased - if you have already purchased a print we will offer you a 50% discount off the NFT price - this woks by you making a 50% reduced price bid on OpenSea and we will see that and accept your bid - SIMPLE!

First Editions

First Editions ie 1/100 are intrinsically more valuable to collectors - thefore all edition prints start at 2/100 and each collection is limited to 100 in total unless and where the purchaser is offering to buy the '1/100 edition  (note examples herein displayed may show 1/100 as the edition number and/or where this is displayed on the low resultion images exampled or initially downloadable by way of illustration of the relevant artwork)

Other Information

VAT /Sales Tax

VAT/ Sales Tax at 20% in UK will be added on checkout - a vat invoice may be supplied on request for commercial purchasers - please email your request


Title to the numbered print edition / and NFT if aquired is trasferred to the purchaser and can be sold to other collectors - however commercial prints cannot be sold using the digital files provided which are copyrighted by Roger Davies - neither may they be minted as new NFTs by their owner.


Please address any queries to us at

Other Artists

Artists interested in showing off their works and minting them into NFTs with our asistance are welcome to contact us with details of their portfolios.


Click links below to go to our portfolios ->

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